To Whom It May Concern:

It has now been four years since my family and I moved into our home built by Jim Romani. Four years, and still not a day goes by that I am not awed by the craftsmanship and details of our home.

When my wife and I first sat down with Jim to discuss building our home, it was clear he had no qualms about expressing his opinions. This was one of the reasons my wife and I chose Jim to build our home; because, while we had a good idea of what we wanted built, we also knew we didn’t know a whole lot about what actually goes into building a house. We knew we would need to rely on our builder’s experience to take us through the process, but more importantly we wanted to find someone who cared to understand the needs of our family, our lifestyle, and our unique aesthetics. Jim would prove to be this person, not only meeting our needs but surpassing our wishes.

In our area, we see new houses being built on a regular basis, and many of them are beautiful inside and out. What sets our home apart from these other houses is the care, attention and thoughtfulness that Jim put in to building it. Walking through the rooms of our home, I certainly note the craftsmanship, the finishes and the superb details; but even more I feel the echoes of passion and artistry that brought up the walls, laid the tile, and carved the woodwork. Jim and his crew are perfectionists, professionals, and clearly love their craft.

Our home is expansive, and after more than four years of earnest living by a family with four kids, it was inevitable the home would develop a problem or two. Recently, one of our master bathroom fixtures sprung a leak inside the wall, causing water to penetrate down through the family room ceiling. Yet even in this unfortunate circumstance, Jim differentiated himself from other builders. After calling Jim simply looking for contact information for his plumber to quote the repair, Jim immediately took it upon himself to personally oversee the work, having his team replace the fixture, repair the wall and the ceiling, and repaint the entire family room just to ensure the paint matched, all at his own cost. Jim consistently exceeds expectations, even years after finishing a project, because Jim takes genuine pride in each home he builds.

My family and I are honored to wake up each morning in our Romani home, and we earnestly recommend Jim and the Romani Construction team to anyone planning to build their own custom home.


Mr. & Mrs. Kaufmann