Stuck with the wrong contractor

It’s uncanny how often we at Romani Construction hear the horror stories – of shoddy work, or work left undone – jobs sitting for days, weeks or even months – with no progress on construction.

Scheduling errors? Maybe.

Supply-chain issues? Sometimes.

But most often, it’s the heartache that comes from suddenly realizing you chose the WRONG contractor or firm for the job you needed done.

How can you avoid this?

It’s not hard, but you have to know the steps to take – and then take the time to do each one.

In an effort to help you avoid this, we are writing a series of blog posts and an upcoming e-Book with the information you need to find, interview, and hire a contractor – the one who is right for you. I realize building or remodeling your home is most often a once in a lifetime dream. Well, you should handle that dream carefully.

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time asking friends and acquaintances if they know how to find a good contractor. Unfortunately, most people do not know the steps to take to find a good contractor. And they certainly don’t know how to choose one that is a fit for them. When a friend had a horror story about an unfinished kitchen a few years ago and I asked her, “How did you find this contractor?” Her reply was, “Well, he had good reviews online.”

And there you have it.

Go beyond online reviews

We love the internet as much as anybody, but it is not the place to find a contractor to give your hard-earned money to, and expect them to be the one who is enjoyable to work with and produces consistently good results. It’s a good place to start, but you have to do more.

It’s time to get the info to learn how to go beyond online reviews to find, interview and hire the contractor that is right for you.

After several decades in this business, I think we can help you with that.

Until next time,

Tami (the Builder’s Wife)

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