The best compliment that we can give Jim is to say that if we ever build a house anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area, he would be our first choice.

Not only is the quality of his work superior, but his quick response to any inquiry or problem along with his patience and understanding with some of our smallest requests was outstanding. It seemed as if sometimes we had hardly put the phone down, before he was returning a call. His choices of sub-contractors were excellent, and if ever there was a problem with one of them, they were replaced quickly.

His attention to detail and his willingness to correct or replace anything less than perfect was much appreciated.

We haven’t built any homes, and we bought the one from Jim after it was complete, but we have lived all over the country in seven or eight new or pre-owned houses, and the house in Monrovia is far and above the best built with quality throughout. And that includes the four year old home we presently own in Newport Beach.

Our confidence in Jim grew steadily during the three year period that we occupied 550 North Alta Vista, and he was a continuing source of help and information.

We couldn’t give a stronger recommendation than this for Jim Romani.

Mr. & Mrs. Eck