To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Jim Romani since acquiring my home in April of 1990. Mr. Romani was the builder and developer of my home as well as a few others in the Gold Hills community of Monrovia.

In my association with Mr. Romani, I have found him to be an extremely reliable and conscientious person in whom I have complete trust as it relates to experiences in my home.

As a builder/developer, I truly appreciate Mr. Romani’s extraordinary attention to detail and situations in which other builder/developers would not have the time or patience to become involved. Furthermore, Mr. Romani has always been gracious with his time and general concern to not only perfect his work but also to ensure the satisfaction of his customer.

I have also witnessed Mr. Romani’s ability to manage a project as well as the employees and I feel he is an effective manager and communicator.

In summary, as it relates to Mr. Romani’s builder/developer capabilities, I would highly recommend him to investors, consumers, and purchasers of projects in which he is involved.

Mr. Argentine