To Whom It May Concern:

We are delighted to provide a very strong recommendation for Jim Romani. The things that have stood out for us in our relationship with Jim are his integrity, his diligence in completing the job and the quality of his work.

We contracted with Jim in December of 2003 to demolish our existing home and build a completely new home. We worked with Jim on a cost-plus basis, with Jim providing estimate bids of thirty-plus categories of budget items prior to construction. I mention the type of contract because Jim is scrupulously honest in working with his subcontractors to obtain a fair price. If a subcontractor completed his work for less than the budget estimate, that savings was recognized. If a subcontractor made a mistake, Jim made sure that we were not charged for corrections. Fortunately, the mistakes were relatively few. It was clear from our interaction with Jim’s subcontractors that he has worked with the majority of them for a number of years.

We were also very happy about the fact that Jim kept the job moving. We moved into the house in mid-January of this year, meaning that construction took approximately one year. Our new home has approximately 5000 square feet of covered space, and required the complete re-grading of the lot, the addition of about 500 tons of dirt and the removal of an existing swimming pool. In light of the extraordinary rains that we experienced near the end of construction, we were pleased with the length of the project. Jim had someone on site almost every work day over the course of the project. There was very little dead time.

Finally, the quality of Jim’s work is excellent. Jim is very experienced and it shows in various construction techniques that he routinely uses, such as plywood for the roof that contains an under coating to reduce heat and the sub floor he creates within the slab foundation for wood floors. The punch list items that we noticed after we moved into the house numbered less than two dozen. Jim responded to all of those items promptly.


Mr. & Mrs. Becker