To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of recommendation for Jim Romani who built the residence we have been living in for a year. My husband and I had never wanted to build our own house – we were just too busy doing other things – so we entered this process rather reluctantly.

We built to accommodate my 89 years old mother who was immigrating from Hong Kong. With just some vague ideas of the type of space we would need, we started to look for a builder. We were very fortunate to find Jim Romani, who had a house in Arcadia for sale at the time. We liked both the style and quality; the references also were very enthusiastic in recommending him. However, we were hearing lots of horror stories about the building process – about how stressful it could be on the marriage, how things could go wrong, etc., so we proceeded with a lot of fear; expecting tons of headaches along the way. This story has a very happy ending, it was unbelievably smooth sailing – I suppose there were points of tensions – but on the whole, people around us were amazed that it was so easy for us. The whole process, from design to landscaping was done within a year.

Looking back, I thought it was because Jim had a great team of subcontractors working with him and most of the decisions were made for us. Then I realized this was true only up to a certain extent, along the way I actually had made a lot of choices. It was ‘painless’ because he was there all the time to guide us along.

We love this house. My mom and all our relatives only have positive comments to make about it. Yet, it is not only the finished product we are proud of; we are pleased to have found a responsible, honest builder and we do enjoy the relationship.

Sincerely Yours,
Mrs. Sam