Romani Construction builds houses. Not just houses, but one of a kind works of art made for living in.

Each project is individually created with the integrity that reflects the priority of putting excellence first in the building of a home. Romani Construction and Development can provide the whole package, from design to completion. Call for a consultation to determine if we can meet your construction needs.

Romani Construction can create for you a one of a kind dwelling place you’ll be proud to call “home.”

As owner, you will choose your level of involvement in the building process. You may want to be on site daily, conferring with Jim on every detail. Or, you may simply say, “Just build a beautiful house and let me know when it’s done.” Whether you fall in one of those two categories or somewhere in between, as your builder, Mr. Romani will welcome your involvement in this important process. At the same time you can be assured that Jim’s attention to detail and ability to provide his clients with the best built house possible will allow you to relax, and trust that the finished product will exceed your expectations.

Over the years, Romani has built a reputation of constant excellence in his projects, with a host of subcontractors who know what he wants and happily produce the high quality services required. They say a builder is only as good as his subcontractors, and Jim has a rapport with his subs that is unsurpassed, and says, “I always try to create an atmosphere of trust on the job, and make sure my subcontractors are paid promptly. They can count on me as much as I can count on them.”

Romani Construction is also known for including “hidden details,” those which many other builders neglect, because the client will supposedly not notice. Most clients do notice, unfortunately, after the home is built and it’s too late. What other builders may consider to be “extra” procedures are standard for Romani Construction.

Choosing your builder is the first big decision of many, but also the most important one. We appreciate your time and consideration of Romani Construction. Together, we can create your dream home!

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