Dear Jim:

As you know, we recently sold our home. I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the house and how well it withstood eight years of use.

First of all, we were very impressed with the quality of the construction and the attention that you paid to all of the subcontractors and to the materials used. It was clear to us that you really cared about building a quality product. As you know, I brought several people knowledgeable in the construction business by to see the house as it was being built, and they all agreed that the construction was topnotch. Additionally, we were very impressed that you delivered the house within one week of the time that you had estimated. When we moved in, there were a few minor items that needed attention, and we were pleased that all of them were taken care of quickly.

During the time we lived there, we were very happy with the way the house held up, and were pleased that we did not find any “surprises” along the way. We were especially impressed with the construction, given the fact that we moved in four days before the Whittier quake, the first of a long series of quakes. Minor, nonstructural cracks were sustained, but these were quickly and inexpensively repaired. In fact, because the first quake occurred so soon after our moving in, you had your subcontractor do the repairs at no charge.

Finally, during the period of approximately two months in which we offered the house for sale, we received many, many compliments on the beauty of the house and the quality of the finishes. The majority of the people could not believe the house was eight years old. These were people that were looking at similar, and in most cases, larger, homes in the area, most of which were of new or more recent construction.

In conclusion, Jim, we did quite a bit of research into Arcadia homebuilders prior to selecting you to construct our home, and our experience proved that we made a wise selection. Thank you very much.

Yours very truly,
Mr. Weber